Made of Premium silicon rubber, soft and smooth like an work of art. Integrated molding, neither too tight nor too loose, easy to use.Thicker design, Protect your camera from scratching, bumping, dust and other damages. Top sensor opening for better connectivity and smooth signal. You can confidently put your TV remote anywhere without any hesitation for its protection. Additional features lanyard which is helpfull to keep your remote within the reach of your hands.

  • Shockproof Silicone Protective Case with lanyard for Apple TV 4th Siri Remote Controller.
  • Made from durable and soft silicone, Non Slip Grip and Secure.
  • Protects from dirt, dust, accidental drops and scratches.
  • Dustproof, Shockproof, lightweight case for Remote Controller.
  • Top sensor opening for better connectivity and smooth signal.
  • All buttons and ports are fully accessible while the case is on.
Product Type: Silicone Case with lanyard.
SKU: 205880.
PART: 205880.
UPC: 8905148269253.

Apple TV 4th Siri Remote Controller

Premium 5F01 Somatosensory Remote Control Silicone Protective Cover

SKU: premium-5f01-somatosensory-remote-contro

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